Return & refund policy



In this Return & Refund Policy, we use the following definitions:

e-moped: an electric scooter which features and performances are published as indicators and may differ from actual performance and product specifications;

the return: the transfer of ownership of the e-moped from the buyer to the manufacturer and/or selling partner;

the manufacturer: the company that manufactures new e-mopeds, parts or accessories;

the selling partner: the assigned person or company that sells a new or used e-moped, parts or accessories to a buyer;

the buyer: any natural person who purchases a new or used e-moped, parts or accessories for purposes that fall outside his business or professional activity;


  1. The buyer can apply for returns of any purchased e-moped to the manufacturer’s concept store, Den Bosch, Netherlands.
  2. The buyer can apply for returns of any purchased e-moped to a selected dealer.
  3. The buyer can apply for returns of any purchased e-mopeds within the Netherlands with a pick-up by the manufacturer’s transportation service.
  4. The buyer can return purchased e-mopeds from the following selected countries in Europe: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The buyer is solely responsible for insured shipping to the manufacturer and will pay for shipping.


  1. Purchased e-mopeds, parts and accessories can be returned to the manufacturer and/or seller partner within 1 month after delivery or pick-up. Used and/or driven products are never eligible for returns.


  1. Due to the exclusive and individual nature of the product, the manufacturer nor the selling partner is obliged to accept any return requests, except in case of major product misfunctioning and/or severe specification failures.
  2. The manufacturer and/or selling partner and the buyer will in those cases enter a process of mediation and problem solving and try to solve the issue.
  3. If no solution is found, the buyer may be entitled to a refund. The refund amount is then subject of negotiation between the manufacturer and/or selling partner and the buyer.


  1. The personal data of the buyer that are necessary for returns are processed by the manufacturer and/or selling partner in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act / the General Data Protection Regulation, to:- carry out the return;- provide the buyer with an optimal service;- provide the buyer with refund offers.
  2. Buyer’s objection to processing personal data will be honored by the seller if the return can be exercised.


  1. Refund payments shall be made by bank transfer to the buyers’s bank account within 10 working days after receiving the returned product. All payments shall be in Euros.
  2. All changes, and therefore also additions or extensions to these general terms and conditions, are only valid when confirmed in writing by both parties.